We offer intensive, drill-based English Mastery and supplemental Educational Programs for Spanish-speaking adults seeking to expand their economic potential, employment opportunities, and social influence.

Our Program:
We offer an intensive, drill-based English Mastery program for adults seeking to enhance their employment opportunities, economic potential, and social influence.
Our program consists of a tiered curriculum, with five (5) levels in all.  Each level, moving from #1 on through #5, building on the skills and knowledge acquired in the previous level.  Students must pass an exit exam for each level before moving on. 
Each level offers its own carefully structured collection of Grammar, Verbs, and Vocabulary, moving from the basic to higher and higher levels of Mastery.
In-class oral drills make up the majority of the in-class activity, including back-and-forth conversations among the students and with the teacher as well.  Written assignments are also given to reinforce the skills learned in class.  Special Language card and board games are often also incorporated to add some fun and variety to the learning process.

Emphasis is placed on active student involvement in speaking English rather than simply listening to the teacher.  Students are put in situations where they must speak English – out loud.  
They are the ones who must take ownership of the course material and their responsibility to put in the work to master it.  Learning a new language is not easy, but our students are dedicated, and the rewards – for themselves and the companies the work for – are substantial.

Our Teachers and Class Materials: 
Our teachers are put through rigorous training, complete with drills and regular evaluations, both from management and from the students themselves.  Each class has its own set of workbooks, containing exercises and assignments that correspond to classroom lessons and topics.  Other materials include videos, projectors, and multi-media.
For those students who want or need extra help outside of the regular classes, special tutoring sessions can easily be arranged.
Class Size:
We believe smaller is better.  By keeping our class groups small (no more than fifteen students), we are able to provide the highest level) of individualized attention.

Class Schedules:
Morning, late afternoon, and evening classes are available in or order to accommodate the work and life demands of most students.